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As an entrepreneur or small business owner it is very likely that you are managing a range of activities including sales, marketing, business development, operations and finance. In such circumstances it is important to devote your precious time to activities where you have most experience and that bring biggest return to your business.

Trying to do everything yourself and not seeking external help is one of the reasons for business failure. Getting a business consultant can maximize opportunities to ensure that your business is successful and sustainable.

Planning4business assists you with the business research and preparation required to start or grow your venture. Our reports include comprehensive and unbiased information helping you make informed decisions about development of your business.

Our past projects included strategic business planning, market research, business process review and implementation, assessment of intellectual property and commercialization and online marketing.

In every project we are driven by our guiding principles:

  • Close collaboration with the client’s management and staff dedicated to a project

We understand that every business is unique. We are making sure that we do not overlook any important aspects of our client’s operation or details of a specific project. When necessary, we will seek continuous feedback from clients during project implementation through one-to-one meetings or through work on client’s premises.

Once a project is completed by us, we ensure that our clients understand all significant outcomes of our work on a business plan, marketing report etc, and appreciate any assumptions behind the numbers.

  • We recognize that both a business expertise and ability to communicate clearly are the components for a fruitful relationship

  • In every project, we work hard to meet client’s timeline and deliver results within agreed budget. As a result, we are not taking new projects if these will compromise our ability to deliver results. Also, our services include regular reports on progress

  • We take confidentiality seriously and ensure that your sensitive information or data is dealt with under strict non-disclosure

In some projects, to provide better value for your money we can refer you to our affiliate network that can more effectively fill the gaps in your business.

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Our Team

As a director of Planning 4 Business, Alex works with small business owners and startup entrepreneurs helping them assess feasibility of business ideas, develop business plans and attract funding.

Over the last 15 years he has acquired extensive knowledge and experience in engineering, technology and business. His core strengths include his ability to understand business processes and develop strategic proposals that foster sustainable opportunities for business growth. Read More