Business Consulting

Business team working

Getting help from business consultants and other experienced entrepreneurs is an essential part of launching and building a successful business. There are several benefits of using small business consultants. For example, consultants can bring skills and knowledge that does not exist in the organization and provide solutions to specific business projects. Consultants can evaluate your existing business processes and strategy, and verify whether these are working effectively. Also, consultants can assist you in preparing business plans, analysing data and procedures as well as implementing specific actions to ensure that your company’s objectives are met.

We recognise that many small businesses have limited resources to undertake business planning activities in house. So, we provide hands on business planning services to help meet your commercial objectives and address issues that you may encounter in operating your company. Planning4business develops various business reports with data, charts and graphs that help bringing profitability to small businesses and assists entrepreneurs in due diligence activities for their startups.

We can save your business a lot of time helping with things like market sizing, analysis of competition and strategy planning. Additionally, we can support your projects and initiatives whose value is not yet determined, and thus it is not worthwhile for your business to spend a lot of money on hiring full time staff or distracting existing full-time resources. Effectively, Planning4business can work as an extension to your team enabling you to focus on your company’s core activities.

We specialise in working with small companies employing up to 20 staff as well as entrepreneurs seeking to launch new businesses.

It does not cost anything to have an initial meeting and get things started. We look forward to working with you and to helping you take your company to the next level!